"Hazardous Materials and Incident Management"

"Scoring High on Oral Interviews"

and Below is an example of one of his leadership books:

"A Study of The Principles of Leadership."

This book is a compilation of a series of articles published by Al Mozingo in several magazines across the United States.

Over the last several years Mr. Mozingo has been publishing a special column entitled "The Leadership Corner."

This is a long awaited - much anticipated book on Leadership. It will provide you with the essence of approximately 30 books in a condensed and accelerated format.

It's a full size (8-1/2"X11") book of 150 pages in length. Mr. Mozingo's credentials include: 30 years of fire service experience, more than 350 articles published, over 2,500 classes, seminars and workshops presented. In addition, he is an Adjunct Instructor for the National Fire Academy and has travel nationally presenting programs for the NFA and as a Consultant.

A sampling of subject areas in the book:

  • What is Leadership
  • Effective Communications
  • The Problems of Becoming a Leader In Search of Excellence
  • The One Minute Manager
  • What is This Diversity Stuff
  • Situational Leadership
  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Empowerment Paradigm Shifting
  • Common Sense Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence

Contact Al Mozingo at: Office Phone - 951-926-2221 Cell Phone - 619-447-2828